Technical material: 95% TC
Formulation: 5%EC, 10%EC, 20%EC, 25%EC,5%G
CAS No.: 55285-14-8
Formula: C20H32N2O3S

Use:Control of a wide range of soil-dwelling and foliar insect pests. Examples of uses include control of millipedes, springtails, symphylids, wireworms, pygmy mangold beetles, frit flies, white grubs, aphids, caterpillars, flea beetles, Colorado beetles, stem borers, leafhoppers, planthoppers, codling moth, scales, mites and free-living nematodes. The product is used in a wide range of crops, e.g. rice, maize, cotton, sugar cane, potatoes, top fruit, citrus, vegetables, sugar beet and coffee.

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Brand Name:Horizon-chem

Model Number:Carbosulfan

Appearance:Light Yellow Liquid

Shelf Life:2~3 Years



Molecular Weight:346.38

Boiling Point:940.9

Melting point:150-155


Label:Customized Label

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