2.4-D Amine Salt

Technical material: 98% TC

Formulation: 720 g/L SL, 860 g/L SL

CAS No.: 94-75-7

Formula: C8H6Cl2O3

Use: Selective systemic herbicide. Salts are readily absorbed by the roots whilst esters are readily absorbed by the foliage. Post-emergence control of annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds in cereals, maize, sorghum, grassland, established turf, grass seed crops, orchards (pome fruit and stone fruit), cranberries, asparagus, sugar cane, rice, forestry, and on non-crop land (including areas adjacent to water).

Product Details
Items                                           Index
2, 4-D 98% TC2, 4-D dimethylamine 720 g/L SL
AppearanceLight yellow powderLight yellow to brown liquid
A.I. Content98.0% min.720 g/L min.
Free phenol (as 2, 4- dicholorophenol, %)0.3 max.0.3 max.
Water, %1.5 max.**
pH value**7.0 ~ 9.0
Triethanolamine insolubles, %0.1 max.**

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