Tech Grade:95% TC

Formulation:95%TC 50%TK 30%SL 20%SL 18%SL 15%SL

CAS No.: 77182–82–2
Formula: C5H15N2O4P 

Application:Non-selective contact herbicide with some systemic action. Translocation occurs only within leaves predominantly from the leaf baxse to the leaf tip. Control of a wide range of annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds and grasses in fruit orchards vineyards rubber and oil palm plantations ornamental trees and bushes non-crop land and pre-emergence in vegetables. Also used as a desiccant in potatoes sunflowers etc. For control of annual and perennial weeds and grasses in glufosinate-tolerant crops (oilseed rape maize soya beans sugar beet) developed through gene technology.

Recommended doage: 150g/ha

Product Details



Glufosinate-ammonium 95%   TC

Glufosinate-ammonium 200   g/L SL


Off-white   to white powder

Light   blue liquid

A.I.   content

95% min.

200   g/L min.

pH value

4.0 ~ 8.0

5.0 ~ 7.5

Solution   stability



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