Technical material: 40% TK

Formulation: 200 g/L SL, 250 g/L SL, 150 g/L SL

CAS No.:85–00–7 (Diquat dibromide);
              6385–62–2 (Diquat dibromide monohydrate);
              2764–72–9 (Diquat ion) 

Formula: C12H12Br2N2 (Diquat dibromide)
                C12H12N2 (Diquat ion)

Use: Non-selective contact herbicide and desiccant, absorbed by the foliage, with some translocation in the xylem. Controls the annual broad-leaved weeds in vines, pome fruit, stone fruit, bush fruit, strawberries, citrus fruit, olives, hops, vegetables, ornamental plants and shrubs and other crops.

Product Details



Diquat   40% TK

Diquat   20% SL


Brown   liquid

Brown   liquid

A.I.   content

40% min.

20% min.

pH value

3.5 ~ 7.5

4.0 ~ 8.0

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