Copper hydroxide

Tech Grade:97% TC

Formulation:97%TC 77%WP 85%WP 50%WP 36%SC
CAS No.: 20427-59-2
Formula: CuH2O2

Application:Copper oxychloride is used for controlling of late blight of potatoes, tomatoes and other vegetables; leaf spot diseases of beet, celery, celeriac, parsley, olives, currants, and gooseberries; downy mildews of vines, hops, spinach, and ornamentals; canker and scab of pome fruit and stone fruit; scab, canker, and melanose of citrus fruit; asparagus rust; peach leaf curl; shot-hole of stone fruit; cane diseases of raspberries and blackberries; leaf spot and leaf scorch of strawberries; anthracnose and blister blight of tea; leaf spot and downy mildew of cucumbers and melons; bacterial diseases of lettuce; etc. Applied at 2-4 kg/ha or 300-400 g/100 l.

Product Details

Quick Details

  • Classification: Fungicide

  • CAS No.: 20427-59-2

  • Other Names: Copper Hydroxide

  • MF: CuH2O2

  • EINECS No.: 243-815-9

  • Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

  • State: Powder, Powder

  • Purity: 77%WP, 97%TC 77%WP 85%WP 50%WP 36%SC

  • Application: Agriculture

  • Brand Name: Horizon-chem

  • Model Number: Copper Hydroxide

  • Appearance: Blue powder

  • Shelf Life: 2~3 Years

  • Storage: 0-6

  • Molecular Weight: 97.56

  • Melting point: 160°C

  • Boiling point: 100 °C at 760 mmHg

  • Solubility: Water

  • Density: 3.37 g/cm3

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