Tech Grade:95% TC

Formulation:20% WP, 20% WDG, 20% SG, 20% SC
CAS No.: 165252-70-0
Formula: C7H14N4O3

Application: The latest generation of super nicotine insecticides,It has a contact, stomach poison, and the root of the strong absorption, quick effect, long 4-8 weeks,Insecticidal spectrum and other characteristics, and the stalk bugs have excellent control effect, and at a very low dose that shows a high insecticidal activity. Mainly used to control wheat, rice, cotton, vegetables, fruit trees, tobacco and other crops on the aphids, leafhoppers, planthoppers, thrips, whitefly.

Product Details
Quick Details

Appearance:White powder

Shelf Life:2~3 Years


Molecular Weight:202.2


Melting point:107.5C

Boiling Point:334.531°C at 760 mmHg

Vapour Pressure:less than 1.7*0.001mpa

Solubility:39.8g/l at 20°C in water

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