Tech Grade:98% TC
Formulation:75%WP,720g/l SC,500g/l SC

CAS number:1897-45-6

Application:Non-systemic foliar fungicide with protective action. Control of many fungal diseases in a wide range of crops including pome fruit stone fruit citrus fruit bush and cane fruit cranberries strawberries pawpaws bananas mangoes coconut palms oil palms rubber pepper vines hops vegetables cucurbits tobacco coffee tea rice maize soya beans peanuts potatoes sugar beet cotton ornamentals mushrooms and turf.
Recommended dosage:1~2.5 kg a.i./ha.

Product Details



Chlorothalonil   98% TC

Chlorothalonil   75% WP


720 g/L   SC


White   powder

White   powder

Off-white   liquid

A.I.   Content

98% min.

75% min.

720 g/L   min.

pH value


5.0 ~ 9.5

6.0 ~ 9.0

Wettability   sec.


60 max.


Suspensibility   %


70 min.

80 min.

Wet sieve   test(75 μm sieve %)


99.5 min.

99.5 min.

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