Potassium Nitrate

Tech Grade:99.98%min 99.6%min 99.4%min

Formulation:99.98%min 99.6%min 99.4%min

Formula: KNO3
CAS No.: 7757-79-1

Application:KNO3 is used raw material to make black powder, front line , blaze and some other things. In pottery and porcelain industry it can be used in making color ceramic glaze; it also can be used in making glass clarifier, the auto dynamo glass ,optical glass and kinescope glass. Also it is used in making medicine such as penicillin sylvine and rifampicin. It can be used as mill run medicament. Edible KNO3 can be used as chromogen and preservatives in meat food.

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Classification: Fertilizer

CAS No.: 7757-79-1

Other Names: Potassium Nitrate


EINECS No.: 231-818-8

Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

State: Granular

Purity: 99.6%min, 99.98%min 99.6%min 99.4%min

Application: Agriculture

Brand Name: Horizon-chem

Model Number: Potassium Nitrate

Appearance: White or off-white granular

Storage: 0-6

Shelf Life: 2~3 Years

Moisture %≤: 0.20

Water insoluble substance %≤: 0.02

Carbonate %≤: 0.01

Sulfate %≤: 0.01

Moisture absorption rate %≤: 0.30

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